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Become a tourist guide

What are the basic qualifications for a guide?:  After 6 months training, qualification and a final exam, the participants, who takes part in cultural tourist guiding course will receive certification from ICHHTO, they have to know at least 1 foreign language and pass the exam. Successful participants are qualified to guide all over IRAN, also […]

Why Join IFTGA

Membership of the IRAN FEDERATION OF TOURIST GUIDE ASSOCIATIONS is a long-term investment. IFTGA‘s mission is to further and promote the profession of the tourist guides. IFTGA‘s membership programme has numerous benefits such as providing information resources, contact and training opportunities and access to the international network of tourist guide associations. Members are entitled to […]

Affiliate Members

The Affiliate Members are  companies (public or private),organizations, NGOs, educational institutions or bodies whose activities are related to tourism and which contribute to the IFTGA their knowledge and expertise to promote the development of tourism that’s responsible, sustainable and accessible for everyone.Travel and tourism related media are also entitled to affiliate membership.