On behalf of myself, the executive board and all Iranian #tourist_guides, let me extend my best wishes and congratulations to all #Nowruz celebrating nations on the occasion of the start of our New Year
May the New Year bring you all peace and prosperity

In Iran, the celebration of Nowruz goes back thousands of years in time. It is a time of joy and festivity among different ethnic, linguistic, religious and geographic groups. This special occasion helps bring people together in its spirit of joy, friendship, compassion, co-existence and solidarity

I send special greetings to those who have decided to visit Iran in #Persian_Calendar #1398 (21st March, 2019 to 20th March, 2020). I believe you will all be impressed and touched by Iranian hospitality and the variety of things to do and see. Iranian professional tourist guides are eagerly waiting for people from all around the world to enjoy and interpret the history and culture of Iran in their own way

Nowruz Mobarak


IFTGA President

Mohsen Hajisaeid

World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations

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IFTGA International Relations committee

Iran Federation of Tourist Guide Associations: ITGD 2018


Part 1

Iran Federation of Tourist Guide Associations, IFTGA, came into being five years ago. Then, there were about 11 local associations who felt the urge to have a wider network pursuing their guild dreams and aiming for international standards like they had held the ITGD convention since 2007.

One year after the establishment of IFTGA in 2014, we invited the president of World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations, Felicitas Wressnig, to Iran on ITGD which was held in Kerman- IFTGA’s 7th National Convention. This was the first step to show the international arena what our capabilities are- to gather 700 tourist guides for a three-day program in Kerman on the occasion of ITGD. The following year, Ruby Roy was invited to the 8th ITGD Convention in Iran held in Mashad- February 2015.

Having organized seven large scale national conventions, IFTGA bid committee members participated in 2015 WFTGA Convention in Prague inviting all members to come to Iran. Earning the trust of the general assembly, our WFTGA colleagues decided to be pampered by Iranian hospitality. As a result, IFTGA endeavored to meticulously organize 2017 WFTGA Convention and host its international colleagues. It is alleged to be one of the memorable ones.

So far, we have held ten ITGD conventions serving the same international guild purposes as well as presenting one region to our colleagues. The procedure in organizing this three or four-day program is almost the same as WFTGA convention- a combination of tours, workshops and networking which demand a lot of team work. This year, our 11th National Tourist Guides Convention will be held in Kermanshah.


Part 2

Iran Federation of Tourist Guide Associations encompasses 21 associations and 5 NGOs who will assemble in Kermanshah celebrating the 11th National Tourist Guides Convention on 2018 ITGD. The program is to visit four cities including Paveh, Sar-e Pol-e Zahab, Kangavar, and Kermanshah where the venue is.

The program lasts four days and three nights hosting 450 people: 347 tourist guides(IFTGA members), 24 officials of the province of Kermanshah, 30 reporters and photographer, 44 experts in tourism like travel agents and the like and 5 guests of honor.

We are going to start our program on February 20th. In three days, four cities in the province of Kermanshah including cultural and archeological attractions will be visited. There is a variety of attractions in Kermanshah namely the world-known bas-reliefs of Bistoun and Tagh Bostan. In the meantime, the tourist guides will sit at some workshops. What is more, Kermanshah is known for its music and on the last night there is a band playing such music.

There will be the third annual IFTGA General Assembly held on February 22nd discussing the latest issues at hand. The closing ceremony will be on February 23rd starting at 09:57am like the last ten conventions presenting our punctuality. This ceremony includes some speeches, admiring the guests of honors and top tourist guides from different associations, as well as cherishing our large family.

In the afternoon, all the guests fancy the tourism exhibition held in the sidelines of the convention and later in the day they leave Kermanshah.


Part 2-facts

We would like to share some of the facts about organization of the 2018 ITGD in Kermanshah between May 2017 and early January 2018.

Kermanshah Tourist Guides Association has held 200 sessions equivalent to 400 hours. They have composed 250 pieces of news and 12 official announcements in order to fully cover the ins and outs of what is happening or what their province is like. Various workshops were held for the administrative team or the tourist guides who will lead the groups. Some of the IFTGA members including EXBO who had previously been involved in ITGD or WFTGA organizing committee, had been to Kermanshah providing useful tips and ensure the program is on the right track.

It is noteworthy that after the disastrous earthquake in Kermanshah, Nov 2017, we thought of changing the convention venue; but after negotiations with the governor and tourism organization chief of the province, we came to the conclusion that maybe this is the right time to do it there. As a result, the theme of the convention is earthquake and we have some programs for those who suffered.

In addition, holding the convention in Kermanshah helped our diligent colleagues grow into a wider and cohesive association.

International Relations Committee






_Having the tourist guides from Tehran assemble and get acquainted

_Honoring the tourist guides and paying tribute to the veterans in the field

_Synchronizing the Iranian tourist guides with their fellow colleagues from other countries since this convention is held on the International Tourist Guides’ Day.

_Emphasizing on employing the ICHTO certified tourist guides (All tourist guides are obliged to have their card with them)

_Emphasizing on the walking tour of Tehran (The tourist guides walked through some cities of Tehran and visited some cultural attractions)

_Collaborating leaders with each other (administrative activities related to the celebration were conducted by tourist guides)

_The professional identity proof (based on the creed that was elaborated and read at the ceremony)


_Respecting and stressing all the previous convention’s objectives and creeds

_Having all the tourist guides from all around the country gathered and getting to know each other

_Decentralization Tehran and exploiting local guides in order to perform tours / for the explanations

_ planning the travel for the tour guides (guides always need to travel because of their career, but for participating in this celebration they travel for themselves).

_Stressing the capabilities of the tourist guides to promote their hometowns and/or the city they come from through brochures, catalogues in tourism arena

_ involving the tourism-related industries (using the hotels, restaurants and handicraft…)

_ Praising the tourists who were researchers or researchers who were tourists as well


_Respecting and stressing all the previous convention’s objectives and creeds

_Paying tribute to the tourist guide who lost their lives on the action

_Appreciating the time and making a movement in this regard. This convention was started at 9:57

_Making the convention’s statue as a sustainable symbol for these annual assemblies

_Encouraging them to create the tour leaders associations in the provinces.

_ Encouraging Tourist Guides to establish Associations in their provinces. Involving Tourist Guides in decision-making issues of the ICHTO. In this convention all the tourist guides stressed the registration of the Tabriz old Bazaar under World Cultural Heritage.

_Emphasizing on travelling at all times and to all places. Tabriz was elected to host the convention despite the fact that it was an off-season to visit Tabriz.

_ Paying attention to local guides (they were admired in this convention)


_Respecting and stressing all the previous convention’s objectives and creeds

_Decentralizing (In 2nd and 3rd year, they held the convention in other cities than the capital. This year, even with more tourist guides participating in the convention, it was held in a smaller city)

_Uniting with ordinary people (It was decided that the tourist guides stay with people on their walking tour)

_Enhancing the knowledge level (holding some workshops)

_Following the World Tourism goals (This year Iranian Tourist Guides utilized a slogan in line with WTG slogan for their national convention)

_Marking the time (It is intended to regard 9:57 as a time brand for these conventions. This year’s convention started at 9:57)


 -Respecting and stressing all the previous convention’s objectives and creeds

 -All the Iranian tourist guides considered and valued the creeds and instructions being previously announced to the provinces’ offices

 -Respecting democracy and fulfilling it. For instance, the motto and poster of this year’s was voted through.

 -This year, a weblog – Itdg.blogfa.com – was established in order to inform and poll all tourist guides so that everyone could monitor the procedures of holding the convention from A to Z and leave comments.

 -Khouzestan province is quantitatively and qualitatively rich and considerable for it cultural heritage and tourist attractions but its visitors are not satisfactory yet. All the tourist guides emphasized the importance of Khouzestan by their presence over there and declared that all Iran is of utmost importance to them and they attempt to present it all.

 -In 1398/2010 in Ramsar, the tourist guides requested the municipality officials to name a street or a square as “Tourist Guide” which was not approved. The tourist guides proved their perseverance in pursuing their goals, and requested the same thins again in Khouzestan. Finally, the third square in Kianpars streetin in ahvaz was renamed as “Tourist”.

 -So far, there has been a lot of effort to establish provincial associations so that their rights are not violated. This year, they attempted to establish an institution comprising of all of the associations.


 -Respecting and stressing all the previous convention’s objectives and creeds

 -We hope that the presence of the tourist guides in West Azarbaeijan attraction the attention of the official to Urumiye Lake environmental issues. All the tourist guides showed their support of this unique environmental phenomenon by going there.

-In order to involve more provinces in the convention, the share of some of the provinces were decreased so that more members can participate in the convention.

-, this year the convention was held internationally After five years of holding the national convention

-Regarding the talks, “the first assembly of the tour leaders and hotel ownder of the ECCO members” was held at time of the 6th Tourist Guides Convention.

 -Performing mutual projects between tourist guides and tour operators was an objective which was not attained, unfortunately.

 -In order to hold the convention this year, there was more communication and cooperation, both quantitatively and qualitatively, with private and governmental sectors.

-One of the outcomes of the conventions in previous years was to unite the tourist guides and establish guild associations in several provinces. Establishing ITGA and introducing its website was a major accomplishment.

-It is noteworthy that establishing ITGA was an objective of the previous conventions as well which was ultimately done this year.


 -Respecting and stressing all the previous convention’s objectives and creeds

 -After the Bam earthquake catastrophe, we witnessed the diminishing role of Bam and ultimately Kerman in incoming tours. We hope that the presence of the tourist guides in Kerman and visiting Bam- which recently is out of the endangered UNESCO heritage and is one of the world cultural heritage items-creates new opportunities for Kerman as a tourist destination.

-Kerman cultural heritage, handicrafts and tourism organization, is willing to prepare the environmental heritage file of Lut Desert to be sent to UNESCO. The tourist guides will support this ominous event with their presence in Kerman.

 -The 7th Tourist guides convention was held with cordial cooperation and collaboration of the ITGA and IFTGA.

 -We intend to invite some guest from the environment organization to collaborate with tourist guides in order to stress the importance of the collaboration between the two organizations.

 -Considering the financial problems to hold the convention annually, we are willing to hold this convention with more financial supporters.

 -Regarding the international concept for tourist guides, there will be some international guests.

-The president of the WFTGA was present in this convention for the first time ever.



Tehran 2008


The first tourist guides’ global day was held in Tehran on Esfand 2nd, 1386. This convention was run with the aid of tourist guides and ICHTO with the support of the Khane Faravaran Iran. In order to encourage the tour guides to have walking tours, a walking tour was organized. During the convention, all the guides were to hang their official cards for the aim of emphasizing on Tour Guides’ Card.

In this convention, the statement of the tourist guides’ global day was announced. Via this, the tourist guides as the cultural ambassadors asked for their deserved position and also they requested that the second of Esfand be named as the tourist guides’ global day in the Iranian calendar.

This convention was started from Golestan palace, with Mr. Kiumars Ghafariand other experts’ explanations and after the waking tour, it was held in national museum. The outstanding tour guides and also Mohammad Inanlu, the special guest of the ceremony, were praised.

YAZD 2009

The second national congress of International Tourist Guide Day was held in Yazd, one of the most important tourist destinationsofIran, in February 2009. The main objectives of the congress were to: “increase coherence and coordination between tourist guides and develop their professional knowledge and skills”

In this event, attended by upward 300 tourist guides from across the country, authorities of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization as well as Omidvar Brothers, the first Iranian World Explorers, various tourism issues were discussed. Meanwhile, the congress attendees visited the major tourist attractions of the province, including Amir Chakhmaq Complex, Jame Mosque of Yazd, Alexander’s Prison (Ziyaiyeh School), Shah Abbasi Caravanserai, Pigeon Tower, Narin Castle and Kharanaq historical village

It is to be mentioned that in this event, we enjoyed the collaboration of Yazd Culture Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization as well as the private sector. Furthermore, a number of hotels had a great collaboration with the executive committee in accommodating participants

It is expected that by the continuity of such events and discussions, several years of sincere efforts of tourism industry experts for achieving the rights and demands of tourist guides come to fruition

  1. M. Masoud Seyedhassani

Secretary of the second national congress of International Tourist Guide Day



The third celebration of tour guides, hosting by Tabriz, was hold on 20-21 February 2009. To witness the guides who have participated in 2 last celebrations executive discipline in this time was the best.

According the schedule set, the whole Tour guides before departure to Tabriz gathered in Tehran and visited the Sa`ad Abad Palace.

At 5 a.m on 20 February, reception and accommodation of tour guides in 2 hotels: Gostaresh and Tabriz (4 star hotels) began and after having breakfast; the visit to the BLUE MOSQUE, AZERBAIJAN MUSEUM, THE GREAT BAZAAR OF TABRIZ (the largest porch building in the world), JAME MOSQUE, THE HOUSE MEUSUM OF MASHRUTE began and it has been finished by lunch. At all stages of programs, the disciplines of guides and visits as well as the expert descriptions of Tabrizi tour guides had given special effects to ceremony. The performance and coordination was impressive.

For lunch the tour guides went to Ghahramani restaurant in ILKHCHI (the beginning of Orumie lake`s Bridge).

The guides` presents and the arrival of the buses were coordinated so that the constraints of locations and seats did not cause the guests standing however the last bus arrived, the first group of the guides had been finished their lunch.

After lunch all participants visited the Candvan village (one of the three rocky villages in the world and of course the only one where people still living there). And also the Hilevar village was visited (the village in mountain, contemporary the invasion of Moghol to Iran). In the evening of the first day, the guides were gathered in the historical area of Elgoly and had drunk cups of tea in pavilion, in the middle of the pool. At the end of the day, there was Tahchin for dinner.

The second day and before the ceremony, an exhibition of books , brochures , CDs and whatever is related to the introduction of historical attractions of provinces was held in the area where the ceremony was in . The guides received more information from their colleagues in other provinces.

In Tabriz ceremony there were some important events which occurred for the first time:

1-Being founded the beginning of closing ceremony at 9:45 a.m to emphasis the importance of time management on the role of the tour guides in this case.

2- Unveiling the special status of guides` ceremony which has been built by Isfahani`s friends (especial Mr.Majid Danesh Mobarhan). That was inspired of natural and historical symbols of our countries.

3- The closing ceremony was hosted by two persons in two different parts. The first host was from cultural heritage organization and the other one was Michael Nazari, representing tour guides` associations and selecting by staff celebrations.

4- Memorial tour guides who lost their lives on Jobs such as Abbas Jafari, Aram Ahmadi, Anahita Amini

Celebration Goal:

1-Encourage to establish the associations in provinces

2-Tour guides involved in decision relating to Cultural Heritage (Specifically, Focusing on the universal record of Tabriz Bazaar)

3-Emphasis on possibility of traveling to all locations in all times (By choosing Tabriz in the coldest season of northwest of Iran)

4- Heeding local guides (Glorifying the local guides of provinces)

Special guest: Professor Parviz Rajabi

Total number of participants: 550

Supporters: Marco Polo Travel agency, Tabriz Hotel, Gostaresh Hotel, Delestan Restaurant

Bahman Hakimi

Secretary of the third national congress of International Tourist Guide Day


In the year 1389, as previous years, the tour guide ceremony was held in 3 days in Ramsar city in which 400 people participated.

Motto: according to the world tourism organization, we selected the motto of this ceremony upon the environment, which was ” Tour Guide, environmental varieties, responsibility”.

It’s obvious that for holding this important convention, some special meetings were needed. Some of the meetings were held on Aban 17th and Azar 22nd. Some authorities like the mayor, governor and the hotels’ managers participated in these meeting. The reasons that Ramsar were selected as the host are as follows:

1.The year 89 were the 40th anniversary of signing ” protecting the world’s ponds” which was famous as ” Ramsar Convention”

2.The motto of tour guides global day in the year 2010 was tourism and environmental varieties, so according to this motto we were concerned to emphasize on this motto. Considering these reasons Ramsar seemed to be a good choice.

3.Considering the tour guides emphasis on registering Tabriz Bazar globally, we wanted to try to register the Hirkani Jungle globally.

4.We wanted to show that the small cities can have a great role in holding such important events.

5.Our aim was to focus on events and food and drink, Ramsar seemed a good chose for this.

6.Although Ramsar in located in Mazandaran Province, it’s culture is close to Gilan province. By selecting Ramsar as the border town, we aimed to use both provinces’ cultures.

The first day:

All the tour guide from all over the country came to Ramsar on Bahman 30th. Then the workshops were started.

The second day:

The tour guides went some places like Ramsar green roof, Chaldare,etc. They enjoyed the traditional music, foods, games, etc. the press conference was held in Negin Restaurant.

The third day:

As always, the ceremony was started at 9:57 am. In the ceremony the head of Ramsar Cultural Heritage Organization and Mr. Hossein Setode gave lectures. Like previous years, the great tour guides were praised. The special guests such as Bijan Farhang Dare Shuri and Dr. Naser Karami talked with the tour guides.


For the first time, 12 educational workshops were held. The subjects of these workshops were such as: getting familiar with tourism attractions of provinces, health tourism, RSS usages, etc.


The fifth celebration of the world day of tour guides was held in 19-21 Feb 2011 in Khuzestan in such cities: Andimeshkh, Susa, Shushtar , Dezful and Ahvaz.

The conference was attended by 500 participants ,while some guides were from Markazi , Kurdistan, Zanjan , Kerman , Hamedan , Isfahan , Chaharmahal Bakhtiari and Khurasan arrived on 19 February , they settled on Mukhtar Castle in Andimeshk.

Khuzestan was chosen to host the fifth ceremony since it was consistent more than other provinces to celebrate the year by the world tourism slogan “Tourism linking cultures”. A broad and diverse geographic and ethnic diversity as well as coexistence in such climate created social and cultural diversity.

In addition to hold the ceremony in this province after forming the associations, it was shown as a model for the other provinces so that they are also creating the guild in their province till highlighting the professional tour guides` career and it will be effective and active for the formation of the national association of guides in Iran.

Purposes and Goals of the Ceremony

Respecting and emphasizing on all the previous purposes, the goals were considered that all participants had to follow them. Respecting to the democracy in this celebration was top of all. The fact that a lot of decision such as determining the slogan and designing the poster of celebration were put to a referendum. Also in this year a weblog was created for information and feedback of tour guides in Iran. This weblog is: www.iftgd.blogfa.com

Another important point in this celebration was emphasizing on the introduction of the tourism capacity of the host state. Despite numerous cultural and tourism attractions in Khuzestan as well as there are two sites inscribed on the list of world index, it is faced with few tourists and lack of basic suitable infrastructure.

However guides known these matters and lack of adequate facilities and standard accommodation, but they emphasized on common place of travelling by their presences.

In this celebration, it was also attempted to fulfill the previous objectives, one of the streets or squares of Ahvaz to be named Guides or Tourism. In coordination with Ahvaz municipality the third square of Kianpars was named officially to “Tourism Square” and obtaining this permission was announced to all at the closing ceremony.

The other important point in this celebration was the publish of Special for the first time by tour guides` efforts.

The Slogan of the ceremony was chosen as “tourist Guides, A bridge between cultures”.

The special guest in this celebration was Mrs. Tooran MirHadi; The writer, translator and founder of children`s encyclopedia due to a medical condition her presence at ceremony was not possible. However her message was shown via the movie and Mrs Fakharnia was presented as her representing in tour guides` community.

Other honorable guests attended also the Khuzestan celebration, including; Mrs Parvin Bahmani ;Ghashghaee`s Musician and researcher, Mrs Soodabe Fazayeli ;writer and translator in cultural symbols and myths as well as Mr. Muhammad Reza Aslani ; in addition to various activities , he has been known more as a documentary producer.

In celebration the effort of some caused next to the all scheduled programs and for increasing the guides` academic ability and also to exchange the experiences, the workshops were held in different levels. Some topics of these workshops were: Peace education, Tourism and wild life, management of planning and ecotourism places in tourism market, Tourism development in each region and its ratio to total demand, rescue and first aid in tourism; CPR, sport tourism and liking as well as Iranian civilization in desert, Guests with special needs, types of tourism and the possibility of combining with each other and the role of this combination in the synergistic at each other.

The three day festival programs

The celebration officially began on Sunday morning, 19 February. After breakfast in Andimeshk Grand hotel, the guides were headed to Susa by 12 buses. They visited the palace and fortress of Susa then they went to Shooshtar for ease of visiting, the guides were divided into two groups and visits started from historical water structures , Salasel Castle, Daryvan river , Mostofi House and Mizan Dam. After lunch they went to Ziggurat, in addition to visit Ilami`s Sites in the evening, they enjoyed the music, space and lighted the candles. They had also their dinner at this beautiful site.

On Monday morning 20 February , the visit began from Dezful , walking in old city , old houses and brick Sabbaths then all guides went to Andimeshk to present in Mokhtar`s Castle and enjoyed the other cultural events including ; Khuzestan nomads` exhibitions, Bakhtiari folk music , Sword dancing Arab tribes of Khuzestan , Iranian ethnic handicrafts , showing ethnic local coverage.

After lunch, workshops were held with topics that were inserted and meeting with guides and media was the final program before dinner.

Early in the morning on Tuesday 21 February the guides went to Ahvaz while checked out their hotels in Andimeshk,Dezful and Mukhtar`s castle. After breakfast, the exhibition of provincial competence was held in closing ceremony in auditoriums national oil regions.

As every year the ceremony began at 9:45 a.m., national song , Official speeches , music , video play back remembered Dr.Parviz Rajabi ( special guest in 2009 ceremony ) who recently passed away, conveyor ceremony readings, unveiling audio logo , appreciating the reporters and supporters and also better guides were important parts of the celebration.

After lunch in pars hotel in Ahvaz and the guides took their memorial photos, they went to railway station.

Material and spiritual supporters:

Khuzestan county , Cultural heritage organization, Oil company in south region, Ahvaz municipality , Farabi advertising center, Administration of tribal affair tourism bank, Pars chain hotel groups, Isha airlines, Ta`atilat now, Marco polo travel agency, Hamedan Ganjname.

In order to celebration, the numerous meetings with Khuzestan county , cultural heritage organization, Andimeshk government, Ahvaz municipality , hotels and agency owners, Mah shahr government ,Arvand free zone, and the other trade unions, NGOs and activities in tourism were held.

Zhale Kazemzadeh

Secretary of the fifth national congress of International Tourist Guide Day


The sixth of World Tourism Day celebration of tour guides, on February 30th to March 2nd in the province of West Azerbaijan was held in Urmia. In this program, 600 tourist guides, tourism and the environment students and professors, as well as journalists participated. According to the World Tourism Organization in 2012 with the slogan “Tourism and Sustainable Energy ‘, this great gathering under the slogan” tourism guide, protect natural resources, supporting sustainable energy “was held.

The program began with a visit to Lake Urmia and the site Kazem Dashi. Visiting other natural and historical sites in the second day of the celebration such as, Nazlo River Sahoolan cave and Orartoee castle were parts of this program. Also to raise the scientific level of tour guides, eleven workshops were held with various topics. It should be noted that one of the workshops in English with a focus on tourism and sustainable development, by the World Tourism Organization’s chief adviser, Mr. Marcello Nvtaryany were trained.

Holding a press conference attended by journalists and tourism professors And environment by providing expert panel on the topic of sustainable development in tourism and also forming the center of the tourist guides’ association in Iran with membership of 12 tour guides associations, was the other achievements in the second day of celebration.

 Closing celebration, as in previous years, with emphasis on the Punctuality of guides began at 9:57. Special guest of the program, Mr. Ismail Kahrom doctor, professor and ornithologist who had the unique speech about Lake Urmia, and environment stimulated the audience’s emotions. One of the surprises of this year’s celebration of was the symbolic work done by two of the tourist guides in which Lake Urmia is designed on a dress and signed by all participants and donating it to the doctor Ismail Kahro made a different

  Workshops concluding of:

1-Stable extent in tourism, was hold in English language by Marchello Natoriani one of the senior consulters of WTTO

2-Entrepreneurship in tourism according to local jobs by Ashkan Brouj senior expert in tourism management

3-Navigations and diplomacy technologies in tourism by Dr. Rahmani diplomatic Ph.D from Sorbon university and Masih Sharif from UIB university in Spain

4-Literary tourism and travel accounting by Zhaleh Ebrahimi

5- Literary tourism second part by Mr.Bapiry and Miss Makian senior expert in tourism management

6-Tour guides and cultural heritages and hands crafts by attending to Iranian carpets by Frazane moradi carpet expert

7-Tour guides and historical monuments and archeology in historical sites by Dr.Adibzade archeologist

8-Tourist and anthropology researches by Farzaneh Tahery  expert in library

9-Gathering methods of researches in tourism and well-documenting and submitting the data by Kafashzadeh expert in constricting the historical sites

10- Recyclable energies stepping to stable energies mostly attending to solar systems  by Soheila Ahmadi history expert

11-Explanation methods in tourism by Mikel Nazary senior expert in tourism planning

12-Reviewing the connections of history and archeology and tour guides in introducing the sites attending to recorded sites in unisco in west Azarbayjan province  by Dr. Farry history professor


Governor’s office, state capitol building of West Azarbayjan Province

Municipality in city hall of Uremia

Commercial room of West Azarbayjan Province

Cultural Heritage and tourism and handcrafts organization of West Azarbayjan Province

Shadly factory

Nikzy factory

Nafise Azarsina

Secretary of the sixth national congress of International Tourist Guide Day 


 Over 600 tourist guides, 100 reporters and guests of honour gathered for the 7th Iranian International Tourist Guides Day celebration under the theme of “Tourist Guide: Narrator of water, Protector of Land” WFTGA President Felicitas Wressnig was invited by Iran Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (IFTGA) to visit Tehran, Isfahan and Yazd before continuing to Kerman. During this trip she had meetings with officials including the Governors of Yadz and Kerman, as well as WFTGA members (the President of Iran Tourist Guide As- sociation [ITGA] and the Vice president of IFTGA) and the manager of Eavar travel agency, the sponsor of the first WFTGA courses in Tehran which took place in December 2013 the opening ceremony began with Mrs Wressnig’s lecture in which she men- tioned that she is hopeful for more coop- eration between Iranian tourist guides and the WFTGA. She also reminded .everyone about the Ethos and Code of Conduct for tourist guides

Visits took place to the Jabalieh Dome, Shahzadeh Garden, the Shah Nematol- lah Vali Shrine, the Bam Citadel and the Ganj Alikhan Complex where a statue was unveiled to mark the 7th Convention of the Iranian Tourist Guides. Trees were also planted in the desert area.

 On the last day of the convention leading authorities attended including the Deputy of President Mr Soltanifar, Head of Tourism in Iran Mr Rahmani, the Governor of Kerman, the Head of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism Organization of Kerman and Yazd, the writers Houshang Moradi and Terence Ward and Representatives of the Chamber of Commerce.

The high quality and standard as well as exuberance of this gathering as demon- strated by the positive feedback from authorities and guests, was due to the active participation of tourist guides.


 Over 600 tourist guides, 100 reporters and guests of honour gathered for the 7th Iranian International Tourist Guides Day celebration under the theme of “Tourist Guide: Narrator of water, Protector of Land” WFTGA President Felicitas Wressnig was invited by Iran Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (IFTGA) to visit Tehran, Isfahan and Yazd before continuing to Kerman. During this trip she had meetings with officials including the Governors of Yadz and Kerman, as well as WFTGA members (the President of Iran Tourist Guide As- sociation [ITGA] and the Vice president of IFTGA) and the manager of Eavar travel agency, the sponsor of the first WFTGA courses in Tehran which took place in December 2013 the opening ceremony began with Mrs Wressnig’s lecture in which she men- tioned that she is hopeful for more coop- eration between Iranian tourist guides and the WFTGA. She also reminded .everyone about the Ethos and Code of Conduct for tourist guides

Visits took place to the Jabalieh Dome, Shahzadeh Garden, the Shah Nematol- lah Vali Shrine, the Bam Citadel and the Ganj Alikhan Complex where a statue was unveiled to mark the 7th Convention of the Iranian Tourist Guides. Trees were also planted in the desert area.

 On the last day of the convention leading authorities attended including the Deputy of President Mr Soltanifar, Head of Tourism in Iran Mr Rahmani, the Governor of Kerman, the Head of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism Organization of Kerman and Yazd, the writers Houshang Moradi and Terence Ward and Representatives of the Chamber of Commerce.

The high quality and standard as well as exuberance of this gathering as demon- strated by the positive feedback from authorities and guests, was due to the active participation of tourist guides.


The 8th rally of Iranian Tourist Guides was held for 3 nights and 4 days in Khorasan Razavi province which capital is Mashhad, from 17-20 Feb 2015.

Tourist Guides rally is held continuously since 2008 every year in one of the provinces

of the country which order is Tehran, Yazd, East Azerbaijan, Mazandaran, Khuzestan, West Azerbaijan, Kerman and Khorasan Razavi.

The 8th gathering was closed by attendance of 550 legal Tourist Guides, about 50 national and provincial journalists from news agencies, newspapers, magazines, radio and television and about 100 guests from public and private sectors.

The rally plan was as below:

1st day: Visiting the holly shrine of the 8th Imam of the Shias. Holding 15 different workshops.

2nd day: Visiting the mausoleum of the great Iranian poet, Abolghasem Ferdowsi. Calling on Neishabur city for the purpose of visiting Persian poets and mystics: Attar Neishaburi and Omar Khayyam.

3rd day: Holding the Optional tours in 5 provincial routes- news conference by attendance of MPs and managers of public and private sectors.

4th Day: Exhibiting the handicrafts and tourism capabilities of different provinces of Iran- closing ceremony which was attended by MPs, Mr Soltanifar, vice-president of I.R.Iran and the head of cultural heritage, handicrafts and tourism organization, special guests, and the journalists.

The 8th rally of tourist guides in Iran was very important for different dimensions:

1-It was the first time that the MPs took part in this gathering and got familiar with insurance difficulties and citizenship of the Tourist Guides.

2-Miss Ruby Roy, The member of the board (The vice-president) of WFTGA took part in this gathering and examined the strengths and weaknesses of Iranian Tourist Guides for holding the convention of 2017.

3-Most of the responsible people in tourism industry have got familiar with Tourist Guides Job and their role.

4-The message of Talib Refahi, The secretary General of UNWTO about winning the hosting of convention 2017 and also holding 8 continuous Tourist Guides gathering was read.

5-Come 2 Iran campaign which was created by the Iranian tourist guides at the time of attendance in convention 2015, was considered more by the people and the officials.

Arash Nooraghaee

Translated by: Rasoul Jalalodini

A star has come to earth

Spread the Christmas love and cheer

!Merry Christmas

Iran Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (IFTGA) would like to seize the chance and spread out the message of love and peace through the warmth of Iranian hospitality to all our colleagues from around the globe

It was last year this time we could not sit being occupied to have it all prepared for our beloved 2017 WFTGA convention guests, and now, we sit back relax refreshing great memories on the convention wishing them a great holiday wherever they are; topnotch

May your Christmas sparkle with moments of love, laughter and goodwill, and may the year ahead be full of contentment and joy

IFTGA International Relations Committee



Tourist Guides are known as ambassadors of a region whom travel locally, or internationally attempting to introduce and present their culture and country or of others impartially. Last year around this time, January 28th to February 1st., IFTGA guests from forty five countries were avid to examine our hospitability. And there we were, on the edge of our seats to have them in Iran since we promised a memorable trip in Prague- January 2015. We had been working for two demanding years in order to have it all prepared. Tehran was the first stop. As the tradition goes, they were to visit other cities and explore the country in a limited span. Now, after a year, having a look at the load of beautiful photos taken at the time of the convention, we are proud of what went on at the 2017 WFTGA convention in Iran.

We need to thank all who supported us and all those who came to visit. What is more, we are always ready to have all those who missed the chance to explore Persia.


International Relations Committee

Iran Federation of Tourist Guide Associations

What are the basic qualifications for a guide?: 

After 6 months training, qualification and a final exam, the participants, who takes part in cultural tourist guiding course will receive certification from ICHHTO, they have to know at least 1 foreign language and pass the exam. Successful participants are qualified to guide all over IRAN, also we have local tourist guides who have national licensee but they prefer to guide the tours in certain region, in additional there is:

– Eco tourist guiding course, which the qualification is the same as Cultural tourist guiding course and they are able to guide the tours for visiting the natural attractions.


How to hire a guide?: 

You may hire a guide through direct contact, guide listing services or via the many local Destination Management Companies, tour operators, meeting planners, transportation businesses, But for figuring on, please check the Iran Federation Tourist Guides Association (IFTGA) website: www.iftga.com where all members are listed with their own enhanced.


Is licensing for Guides required? How is it obtained? How often must it be renewed?: 

After finishing the course as a qualified tourist guide we will have the license as a card. The licenses (cards) are awarded by ICHHTO which are recognized as qualification in Iran and qualifies holders to guide all over Iran .Courses are 6 months that is held by Tourist institutes and each year the Card must renewed by ICHHTO.


Who is responsible for certification?: 

ICHHTO (Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts & Tourism Organization)


Training by Whom? Theory & Practice.: 

Training is provided by various Training providers under the auspices of ICHHTO, The training includes 45% practical training which is delivered by qualified and experienced Tourist Guide trainers. The theory is provided by specialists in the subjects which includes: Geology, Archaeology, History, Art and culture, Architecture, First aid, Anthropology, Psychology, International public relation, foreign language, Handicrafts, Culture of Nations.