Tourist Guides are known as ambassadors of a region whom travel locally, or internationally attempting to introduce and present their culture and country or of others impartially. Last year around this time, January 28th to February 1st., IFTGA guests from forty five countries were avid to examine our hospitability. And there we were, on the edge of our seats to have them in Iran since we promised a memorable trip in Prague- January 2015. We had been working for two demanding years in order to have it all prepared. Tehran was the first stop. As the tradition goes, they were to visit other cities and explore the country in a limited span. Now, after a year, having a look at the load of beautiful photos taken at the time of the convention, we are proud of what went on at the 2017 WFTGA convention in Iran.

We need to thank all who supported us and all those who came to visit. What is more, we are always ready to have all those who missed the chance to explore Persia.


International Relations Committee

Iran Federation of Tourist Guide Associations