What are the basic qualifications for a guide?: 

After 6 months training, qualification and a final exam, the participants, who takes part in cultural tourist guiding course will receive certification from ICHHTO, they have to know at least 1 foreign language and pass the exam. Successful participants are qualified to guide all over IRAN, also we have local tourist guides who have national licensee but they prefer to guide the tours in certain region, in additional there is:

– Eco tourist guiding course, which the qualification is the same as Cultural tourist guiding course and they are able to guide the tours for visiting the natural attractions.


How to hire a guide?: 

You may hire a guide through direct contact, guide listing services or via the many local Destination Management Companies, tour operators, meeting planners, transportation businesses, But for figuring on, please check the Iran Federation Tourist Guides Association (IFTGA) website: www.iftga.com where all members are listed with their own enhanced.


Is licensing for Guides required? How is it obtained? How often must it be renewed?: 

After finishing the course as a qualified tourist guide we will have the license as a card. The licenses (cards) are awarded by ICHHTO which are recognized as qualification in Iran and qualifies holders to guide all over Iran .Courses are 6 months that is held by Tourist institutes and each year the Card must renewed by ICHHTO.


Who is responsible for certification?: 

ICHHTO (Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts & Tourism Organization)


Training by Whom? Theory & Practice.: 

Training is provided by various Training providers under the auspices of ICHHTO, The training includes 45% practical training which is delivered by qualified and experienced Tourist Guide trainers. The theory is provided by specialists in the subjects which includes: Geology, Archaeology, History, Art and culture, Architecture, First aid, Anthropology, Psychology, International public relation, foreign language, Handicrafts, Culture of Nations.