Code of Ethics

Being adhered to the WFTGA code of Guiding Practice proves our high level of professionalism.

All Iranian Tourist Guides whom are accredited by ICHHTO (Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts & Tourism Organization) will follow the code of ethics before their applicant in order to:

  1. Promote IRAN and give their country credit by presenting it decently.
  2. Protect natural and cultural sites, respect private property, and wildlife while showing them to the visitor(s).
  3. Provide the visitor(s) with required service observing the rules and regulations practiced in Iran and at all sites.
  4. Provide visitor(s) with the best service possible at hand according to their requirements.
  5. Aid the visitor(s) purchase souvenirs at a decent store and does not encourage the patronage of the stores nor abuse their trust.
  6. Cooperate with other groups and maintains ethical and professional manner at all times so that all the visitors feel comfortable and take pleasure their visit. Plus, they inform the Travel agency of any minor or major changes required by the visitor(s).
  7. Create a true image of their country by giving their visitor(s) sound information, assertively presenting their culture and its varieties, helping the visitor(s) interpret the surroundings, feeding them with local cuisine and the like. Moreover, they keep track of the latest news on the exhibits, openings and the like to offer.
  8. Care about the visitor(s) time. As a result, they know the routes, help the drivers, review the itinerary and day plans and anticipate unexpected obstacles.
  9. Be sensitive to the interests and values of the visitor(s). They do not share personal views on controversial issues such as politics or religion.