On behalf of myself, the executive board and all Iranian #tourist_guides, let me extend my best wishes and congratulations to all #Nowruz celebrating nations on the occasion of the start of our New Year
May the New Year bring you all peace and prosperity

In Iran, the celebration of Nowruz goes back thousands of years in time. It is a time of joy and festivity among different ethnic, linguistic, religious and geographic groups. This special occasion helps bring people together in its spirit of joy, friendship, compassion, co-existence and solidarity

I send special greetings to those who have decided to visit Iran in #Persian_Calendar #1398 (21st March, 2019 to 20th March, 2020). I believe you will all be impressed and touched by Iranian hospitality and the variety of things to do and see. Iranian professional tourist guides are eagerly waiting for people from all around the world to enjoy and interpret the history and culture of Iran in their own way

Nowruz Mobarak

IFTGA President

Mohsen Hajisaeid