IFTGA, Iran Federation of Tourist Guide Associations, is a Federation of 20 different Associations which has been registered in February of 2013 by the Ministry of Cooperatives Labour and Social Welfare with the certification of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (CHHTO). We have more than 2000 members.

We applied on May, 2013, and we received welcoming message in October 2013 from World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations.

1-    Holding the first term of instruction of guides under WFTGA training division in December, 15 to December 21, 2013 in Tehran.

2-    Holding 7 celebrations in ITGD in 7 different provinces:

1th- Tehran, 2008

2th- Yazd, 2009

3th- Tabriz, 2010

4th- Ramsar, 2011

5th- Khuzeshtan, 2012

6th- Urumieh, 2013

7th- Kerman, 2014

8th- Mashhad, 2015 (still in progress)

3-    Holding the vastest celebration in ITGD with the attendance of more than 600 guides and about 100 journalist, scholars, national and international guests such as Mrs. Felicitas Wressnig, President of WFTGA in 2014.

4-    Supporting natural environment and wild life, in addition with the suggestion of IGTGA for the first time FIFA accepted the picture of Asiatic Cheetah which had been printed in Iranian national football team in world cup 2014- Brazil.

5-    Gathering tourist guides for several times for the cleaning the nature.

6-    Cooperating in holding the festival of travelling diary.

7-    Starting online guide service in IFTGA website.

8-    The project of rescuing Urumieh lake.

9-    Making the human chain with the theme of BAM IS ALIVE in the city of Bam in ITGD in which people had suffered from the devastating earthquake.

10-Supporting the nature via planting in the desert.

11-Designing of the extinct species dolls and their nomadic travelling to different part of Iran and the world.  

12-The project of “Iran the border of hospitality” forty days travelling on the borders of Iran with the concept of hospitality by a tourist guide couple introducing tourism and the Iranian hospitality to local areas and protection of extinct species.

13-Cooperating with the municipality of different cities, their tourist guide association, and also cultural, heritage, and handicrafts organization (CHHTO)  for guiding indoor tourists

14-Creating the legal and defending committee for solving tourist guide problems

15-Holding the ceremony of World Tourism Day and cooperating with cultural, handicrafts heritage organization (CHHTO).